On The Move

Navigating the Future of Road Transport
Consumer and Stakeholder Report
November 2019


What does a low carbon transport future look like?
Experts and consumers agree we need to take action through a range of technologies, but there is a gap between experts’ view on the pace of change and consumer readiness…
How much do you think transport in Europe contributes to today’s greenhouse gas emissions?


To find out how we address this challenge, we conducted a research programme with…
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…to establish what the future could look like and how we get there.
And we discovered that while transport industry experts from the private sector, government, and academia agree that the future of transport will be a blend of autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles…
…it’s not that simple. Opinions vary on the speed and scale of adoption, how these different technologies will interact, and how engaged consumers will be with this vision.
But both experts and consumers agree there is a need to develop a range of greener transport choices, rather than focusing on any one solution. Collaboration between government, industry and individuals is key to delivering a lower carbon transport future.

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